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Coal extraction - Coal Industry (Patents) Limited

Mar 05, 1991 · Recycled oil solvents for coal extraction have their content of saturated cyclic species reduced by thermal cracking at 470° to 540° C. for a few minutes, restoring their effectiveness as solvents for coal.

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US4272356A - Coal extraction process - Google Patents

Sub-divided coal is extracted under non-thermally destructive conditions with a solvent liquid containing a compound having the general formula: ##STR1## where M is a carbon, sulfur, or phosphorus atom, R 2 and R 3 are each a hydrogen atom or a lower alkyl group, R and R 1 are each a lower alkyl group, another ##STR2## a monocyclic aromatic group, or R 1 can be another ##STR3## or R 1 and R 2 ...

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the solvent extraction process produces cokes of higher quality as indicated by the optical texture index (14.87 for coal extract compared to 7.1 for co-cokes), lattice parameters and ash contents (0.57% by mass for coal extract compared to 1.02% by mass for co-cokes) while the co-coking produces liquids that

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Peroxide removal from organic solvents and vegetable oils ...

Peroxide contamination of organic solvents and related reagents, e.g. vegetable oils, has created potential problems for the toxicologist, biochemist and industrial hygienist. Because of tedious or complicated procedures to test for and remove, or prevent the formation of peroxides, the tendency of ...

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Study of Supercritical Coal Extraction in Toluene ...

containing mixtures with co-solvents (water, ethanol and tetralin) was studied under sub- and supercritical conditions within the temperature range of 375-550°C and at pressures from 7 to 40 MPa. It was found that the extent of coal extraction in the toluene solvent medium, at 400°C, was

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of Liquid-Liquid Phase Equilibria: Coal Tar Dissolution in ...

phase equilibria of coal tar/solvent/water systems for three solvents that have demonstrated potential for application in a solvent extraction system for coal tar-contaminated soils (2). This provides an analytical tool for interpolating and extrapolating experimental data of coal tar/solvent/ water phase equilibria and serves as a mathematical

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CO2 Solvent - Supercritical CO2 Extraction Systems

Wider Extraction Parameters. CO2 retains solvency power as either a liquid (subcritical) or supercritical fluid. By changing extraction pressure and temperature of supercritical CO2, its solubility and selectivity for a species of interest can be changed to optimize an extraction.

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Use of solvents for PAHs extraction and enhancement of the ...

Use of solvents for PAHs extraction and enhancement of the PAHs bioremediation in coal-tar-contaminated soils by Pak-Hing Lee A dissertation submitted to the graduate faculty

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Effect of thermal extraction on hydro-liquefaction ...

So the relaxation of associated structure of coal plays a very important role on the extraction of coal . Since specific solvents can disrupt the non-covalent bonds in various degrees, the solvent-induced relaxation of associated structure can significantly increase the extraction yield of coal.

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Interactions of Illinois No. 6 bituminous coal with solvents

N2 - There has been copious research exploring the interactions between coal and various solvents either for coal structural investigations using coal swelling or industrial consideration exploring extraction yields. Here, the literature is reviewed for Illinois No. 6 coal.

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Coal Structure and Properties - EOLSS

one of the best solvents for coal, produce extraction yields in the range of 2–40 wt% on a water- and mineral matter-free basis. The dependence of pyridine extraction yields on the carbon percentage of coals has a maximum of around 85–88 carbon %. Quinoline extraction at 300°C produces a yield of 50% for bituminous coals, although it is

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Separation of Phenolic Compounds from Coal Tar

compounds from the artificial coal tar by the extraction process. The aim of the present work was to study the effect of two kinds of aqueous were used as solvents: the methanol and acetone solutions, the mass fraction of water in solvents and the mass ratio of solvent to feed for the separation of phenolic compounds from the

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MODELLED WHICH TAKES PLACE IN COAL EXTRACTION WITH SOLVENTS Clementina Moldovan, I. Gănescu, V. Magearu and C. Ionescu abstract: The liquefaction of coals followed by the extraction of the black products with the help of some solvents is a very complex process. For this reason, the knowledge of this process's

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Coal Extraction Solvent - gobeyondmba

extraction of coal methods. Simultaneous extraction of the coal and gas is an effective method of eliminating coal mine gas disasters while safely exploiting the coal and achieving efficient gas drainage in China, which is widely accepted by the main coal-producing countries around the world.

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Method of solvent extraction of coal by a heavy oil - UOP Inc.

Jul 06, 1982 · Method of solvent extraction of coal by a heavy oil ... this invention relates to a process for the conversion of coal to a liquid product by solvent extraction of the coal using a heavy hydrocarbonaceous liquid containing heptane-insoluble material and a hydrocarbonaceous recycle stream, and recovery of the mixture of the solvent and liquified ...

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Alkali-assisted coal extraction with polar aprotic solvents

Apr 01, 2009 · Read "Alkali-assisted coal extraction with polar aprotic solvents, Fuel Processing Technology" on DeepDyve, the largest online rental service for scholarly research with thousands of academic publications available at your fingertips.

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Solvents Prices & Industry News and Analysis | S&P Global ...

Global news, analysis and solvents prices from Platts. Read how you can access our price assessments and reports for Xylenes, Toluene, Methanol and more

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(401g) Extraction of Phenolics from Coal By Deep Eutectic ...

Oct 31, 2017 · DES’s, which have shown to be effective solvents for a wide variety of organic compounds, can be used with coal to extract select compounds, or a set of compounds with similar characteristics.  DES’s have already been used to extract phenolic compounds from olive oil [4].One potential use of this particular DES is the solvation ...

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Chapter 15 Flashcards | Quizlet

Secondary extraction of petroleum _____. A) occurs immediately after primary extraction B) is less expensive than primary extraction C) uses solvents, water, or steam D) allows the oil to be extracted to the last drop E) causes less environmental damage than tertiary extraction

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Coal-Tar Dissolution in Water-Miscible Solvents ...

Coal tar, a dense nonaqueous phase liquid (NAPL), is a common subsurface contaminant at sites of former manufactured gas plants. A proposed remediation technology is water-miscible solvent extraction, which requires understanding of the effect of water-miscible solvents on the solubility of coal .

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Coal Tar Dissolution in Water-Miscible Solvents ...

Coal Tar Dissolution in Water-Miscible Solvents Experimental Evaluation. Catherine Anne Peters, Richard G. Luthy. Civil and Environmental Eng; Andlinger Center for Energy & the Environment; Geosciences; Princeton Environmental Institute ; Princeton .

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